Butterfly Arm Bar

These Sneaky Arm Bar From The Back Trap Gives You The Chance To Say, "Look Mah, No Hands!" As You Catch An Arm Bar Only Using Your Legs!

Forget the Hooks and Attack the Back!

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Not all of us are like Marcelo Garcia and easily throw the hooks in like nothing. Flexibility can be an issue, size, and speed all play a factor.

And sometimes, it isn't a good idea to have the hooks in, especially in MMA when slipping off the back can be the different between victory and defeat.

The Back Trap System is a great alternative. It allows you to control the back without the hooks, and to stay on top the whole time.

You will have excellent control, plenty of submissions, and opportunity for devastating ground and pound.

This is not a move you see every day. For some of you, it maybe never. But this is a sneaky arm bar that you can catch your opponent by surprise, especially since you do NOT use your arms to finish it. This technique is another unorthodox submission from the back trap, that allows your opponent to dig his own grave. Even if he manages to escape, he will only be giving you another even more powerful submission. Watch below to see it in action...‚Äč


If you have enjoyed what you have seen so far in these sneak peeks, you are going to LOVE the complete instructional course.

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