forget putting in hooks! you can attack just as effective without the hooks, without being on bottom and taking their weight, with no fear of being reversed. what you are about to see will change your views on back effective back control - especially for MMA!

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Pass the guard, get mount, take the back and put your hooks in - that is what we are taught is the natural progression of position. What if I told you that is not always right? There is a reason why some of the best fighters of all time don't bother with using hooks for back control and opt to go "hookless."  Read on if you want to be like one of the living legends of the sport, Georges St. Pierre.

back trap system GSP

GSP dominating Nick Diaz without the hooks. Easy control without risking position.

There is a reason why position is so often stressed before submission. A strong position will maximize your opportunity to finish a fight, while minimizing your risk of taking harm - either by strikes, sweeps, or submissions. A key factor of a good position is also who is taking the pressure of both combatants as well.

In this regard, the back mount with the hooks can fail. More often than not you are on the bottom - meaning you are supporting your opponent's and your weight - tiring you faster. You also run a big risk of your opponent reversing you and ending up on bottom. For the self defense minded martial artist, it is a very compromising position to be on the ground, trapped under your opponent as you can not escape the position yourself. Especially if another combatant jumps into the fray, you will be at a major disadvantage.

Every other dominant position is easy to disengage. Side mount, mount, north south, and kesa gatame can be released in a split second and have a very low likelihood of reversal. This is the reason top MMA fighters like UFC Champion Cain Velasquez rarely use the hooks. Just take a look at the picture below.

UFC choke

UFC Champion Cain Velasquez using effective back control without the hooks against colossus Brock Lesnar. Would you want to throw hooks on him and risk getting stuck on bottom?

Just put yourself in Cain's position. Would you want to put hooks in on a monster like Brock Lesnar and risk him escaping and getting on top?

I know I wouldn't!

It would be a risky move, and fighting is a brutal sport that can quickly penalize you for risks. Some risks are required to win, but why take a big risk when one isn't required?

You might be thinking, "but isn't the best way to beat someone, especially a larger opponent, with a rear naked choke from the back mount?"

Most of the time you would be right. But every situation is different. For example, take a look at the video below:

Ricco Rodriguez (Heavy Weight) vs Marcelo Garcia. When using the back mount goes wrong.

As you can see, having the hooks not only didn't help Marcelo, but in fact made the slam worse. If he would have detached the hooks, the slam would have never happened. Fortunately for Marcelo this was a grappling tournament and the slam was against the rules (you could only slam out of a submission). But if this was a MMA fight or worse, a street fight, he would be in a whole lot of trouble.

There are back positions that are easier to control, low risk of reversal, plenty of submission opportunities, and much better leverage for ground and pound. Wouldn't you rather choose that option like GSP and Cain did?

A lot of what I'm saying you might perceive to be issues only for self defense and MMA, but you would be wrong.

I actually started thinking about an alternative back control system after failing to capture a medal back at ADCC 2007.

How This Embarrassing Photo Made Me Work On The Back Trap System

I have heard people say, "Get your head out of your ass!" but never in another's, LOL!

That is World Champion Tarsis Humphries using his turtle guard to find off my attempts at getting hooks in from the back. I was dominating this match. Had top position the whole time, nearly got my hooks in several times, and near passes galore. If there were advantages in ADCC, I would have had a boat load of them.

But Tarsis was damn good at preventing the hooks, and I was so frustrated trying to score here. I remember wanting to stand up and soccer kick him, lol!

What ended up happening was more embarrassing than the photo though. After controlling the bout for 19 minutes, I slipped up and got put to sleep in a rear naked choke. Ironically, he didn't have hooks to setup the choke.

It is like catching the winning pass and then fumbling just feet from the end zone. After the match I went back to the drawing board to work on a new plan. Let's face it, getting the hooks in is not an easy task on a well defended turtle player. They know exactly what is coming, and without strikes, it is much easier to defend.

But what if instead of focusing on getting the hooks, I focused on something else?

I watched a lot of wrestling videos, and they have been doing just that the whole time. It is rare for wrestlers to use hooks (riding legs in wrestling lingo), as it is more prone to reversal. One of wrestling's funky stars crossed over with great success utilizing a different paradigm of back control - Ben Askren.

Undefeated MMA Bellator and OneFC Champion Ben Askren dominating with back control.

While everyone is worried about getting hooks and defending them, Ben has become very successful by following a more wrestling based approach to back control. Wrist control, hip pressure, Merkle, and hooking the legs from behind the hips are all different ways of controlling a turtling opponent. It is even more effective in fighting because:

  • 1
    Everyone is worried about the hooks getting in and are focused on defending the hooks.
  • 2
    The threat of strikes and submissions force you to defend your head with your hands - making it harder to escape.

This led me to focus on ways of attacking the back without using the leg hooks as the primary control mechanism. As a result, a came up with a simple and effective way of controlling the back that I have called the Back Trap System.

Why Learn The Back Trap System?

rear naked choke no hooks

Many people do not realize hooks are not needed for a good choke.

  • Being behind your opponent AND on top gives you great leverage to strike and hunt for submissions
  • You can disengage whenever you want with no risk of reprisal
  • Great alternative to using hooks, especially when facing opponents that are on the look out for hooks
  • Several traps will keep your opponent stuck when he thinks he is going to reverse you
  • Can lead into powerful positions like the crucifix, the Kimura Trap, and even to your back mount with the hooks if desired

There is a common misconception that to finish a rear naked choke, you need to have a full back mount with the hooks in. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the best rear naked chokes I have gotten were without the hooks.

One of the most powerful things you will learn in this system is how to quickly attack the neck and finish your opponents without ever getting your hooks in. It is unexpected, and very effective. But to make the system more solid, we have a solid trap in place that will allow you to keep behind them and work for the submission or strike against an opponent left with only one limb to defend themselves.

back trap system package
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What Does The Back Trap System Cover?

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    Back Trap Setup - Getting into the Back Trap is so simple, you will wonder why you haven't been using it yourself! Chances are you just skipped by without realizing how powerful this position is.
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    Back Trap Grips and Pins - Getting the Back Trap is step one. Step 2 is controlling it, which I will show you a variety of different grips and pins you can use to keep your opponent stuck.
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    Back Trap to Kimura Trap - If you are a Kimura Trap fan, then you will love to see another way of getting into it. Probably the easiest and safest Kimura Trap setup I have seen.
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    Rear Naked Choke - The King of all submissions, but done much faster and easier. This sneaky setup will catch people off guard and put you in the W column.
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    Short Choke - Sometimes you just can't get to the rear naked choke. Either their chin is tucked in or your arms are out of reach. Worry not - the short choke will make quick work of your opponent, and possibly break their neck in the process.
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    Bully Choke - If your opponent fends off your first two choke attempts, you give up. NOT! You switch sides and go into the Bully Choke. This choke is one of my personal favorites and is brutal. They will regret defending the other chokes when you slap this bad boy on and possibly get some PTSD from grade school. 🙂
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    Trapping the Arm - This is such a simple trap, but it is damn near irresistible to your opponent. They will spring this time and time again and put themselves in a terrible position for you.
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    Butterfly Arm Bar - This funky arm bar is a great follow up attack after trapping their arm. You can get a quick tap here or lead them further into the trap...
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    Reverse Omoplata - If they sneaked out of the butterfly, they are ready to be submitted by an even funkier submission - the reverse Omoplata. Most people don't even know this move exists - so be careful because you can ruin their shoulder!
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    And much more!

These are just a sampling of some of the techniques covered in the Back Trap System. Altogether, there are 18 techniques that span over 1 hours and 29 minutes of detailed instruction. As always, I include the Back Trap System Mind Map and online updates for free. 

How Do I Get It?

I know the question most of you will have at this point: "How Much Does It Cost?"

You can get the Online Course (with Streaming Video that you can watch on any device, phone, tablet, or PC) for only:

back trap system course

We have a DVD version available as well for $35 plus shipping and handling, which you can get by following the button above as well.

Why Should I Get This?

The most famous rendition of the Bully Choke by Carlos Newton against Pat Miletich that won a UFC championship. I can't promise your arms will look that shredded. 🙂

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    You want to remain on top of your opponent and in full control at all times.
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    You want a back control position that gives you more options for submissions and ground and pound.
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    You do not want to worry about getting reversed and ending up on bottom, even when everything goes wrong.
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    You want to learn a unique system of control and submissions that will make you the south paw of back control

If you have been following me and my techniques, you will have noticed that I do not teach fancy moves. I don't teach moves that only work if you are flexible, or have a certain body type. I show techniques that work for EVERYONE. The Back Trap System fits that prerequisite perfectly. 

Especially if you are practicing martial arts for self defense, knowing the Back Trap System is a MUST. You cannot rely on being on your back on concrete with someone on top of you. Especially if they have friends that want to soccer kick you while you are down. The Back Trap System will allow you to disengage at any moment.

TL;DR - Watching this course will give you another option to back control that most fighters never even thought of, and these concepts have been used by UFC champions to great success.

Believe and Achieve,

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Still Deciding?

I understand. If you haven't ordered from me before, there is always a leap of faith one has to take when investing in something. Especially when you do it online.

So I try to make this as easy as possible for you with my Money Back Guarantee.


Get the Back Trap System and receive all the bonuses. You can watch the videos, use the mind map and take it with you to the gym. If within 30 Days you are not satisfied with the Back Trap System, then you can return it back to me by simply:

  • Writing a simple review of my system telling me why it sucked and how you didn’t learn one technique from it (you can be brutally honest)
  • Returning the package with all the products within 30 days after receiving the course and receive a full refund.

In the 7 years since I started selling DVD's and Online Courses, I can count the number of refunds I have given out on one hand. Only 5, and I have had thousands of orders made through me.

I'm extremely proud of that fact, and I take great care to ensure everyone that orders through me is 100% satisfied with their order. Whether you want to email me, Facebook Message me, call me, or even do a Skype session to address a problem with your order I will be more than happy to.

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